In 1996 – 1997 Hale-Bopp put on a spectacular show.

The night of March 23, 1997 there was a near total eclipse of the moon. The day started off cloudy but a cold front went through in the afternoon and the skies cleared off by dusk. My son and I drove north of town and set up my newly built barndoor camera mount on a sideroad. The night turned out to be one of those special ones with rock steady pinpoints for stars. To the north there was Hale-Bopp and to the south there was a lunar eclipse. I took a number of photos of the comet. When I picked up my pictures from the local lab I showed them to Kevin, the owner and a professional photographer. He in turn showed me the pictures he had taken of the eclipse. He got the idea that he could composite the two images into a single photo. This is one of the early attempts made by just overlaying the two negatives. He later did a composite in PhotoShop that he sold a number of copies of.

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Astronomy and Astrophysics

I enjoy the night sky and I’m lucky enough to live in an area (54N 124W) where I can see it. I bought a Coulter 8″ Dobsonian telescope 20 years ago. I still pull it out on occasion but I prefer the naked eye or a pair of binoculars. The best observing platform has to be my computer though. With it I can look at the latest images from the Hubble or check out today’s snapshots taken by the Martian rovers.

Ubiquity PicoStation2 AirOS with CoovaChilli, Wifidog, busybox with awk

First attempt at building AirOS firmware with CoovaChilli, Wifidog, and busybox with awk enabled. It didn’t brick my unit and it seems to all work. Use at your own risk.
XS2 8 meg for PicoStation XS2.ar2316.v3.5.SDK.100616.1213-8M.bin
XS2 for models ??? XS2.ar2316.v3.5.SDK.100616.1213.bin
I found through trial and error that the proper file to edit was /usr/src/airos/SDK.UBNT.v3.5.4499/conf/xs2/busybox.config, not the one in apps/gpl/busybox.

These were the issues and problems I had while building it. ( Copied from my posts at http://coova.org/node/4236 )

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