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I had contact with my first computer in the the early 80’s at the local Radio Shack store. The first computer I owned was a Timex Sinclair ZX81 built from a kit. With 8k of ROM, 1k of RAM and a 2MHz processor it was the first and last computer I’ve really understood. (By that I mean reading and mostly understanding the assembly code for the ROM.) Computers have gotten much more complex since then but my fascination with them remains.

Aspen House Systems started in the mid 80’s as a venture writing communications software between surveyors handheld data collectors and Wang and HP mini-computers. It had a retail presence for a few years, and now provides MIS services for small and medium sized business networks.

I got involved with the Nechako Access Network Organization (NANO) in the mid 90’s. It was a volunteer community freenet and I gave a hand with the technical side and that was my first exposure to Linux. NANO brought the first dial-up text based Internet service to our northern community. Seeing a need for a commercial service I became a partner in Hwy16 Internet and we started a commercial service providing dial-up, ADSL, and wireless services to the community and rural areas surrounding it. The company was sold to a regional provider after 15 years of operation.

I consider myself lucky to have worked most of my life in the field of computer services. It continually brings new challenges and you have keep learning new things every day. I code for fun and consider myself fluent in a number of different languages, to the point where they sort of blend together.

I hope you find something useful in here…