Golf Pools and other Excel fun

I have been part of a golf pool for the last few years. This year I decided to overhaul the spreadsheet that we use to keep track of the scores. It is a pick one out of a block of players format with the winners based on the money totals from each weekend event from the PGA regular season.

The main spreadsheet manages the golf pool. It picks up the stats from the official PGA site. There are numerous comments in it that explain how to use it. It can be found here.

The second sheet picks up the live stats from the current event from NBC Sports and has to be customized for each weekend. There isn’t as much documentation in it. It can be found here. Note that this sheet is linked to the main pool management sheet and you will need both stored in the same folder to make it work. Also I’ve had problems with the NBC site changing the format of the stats page which means that you might have to re-work some of the formulas in order to make it work. Each week you have to relink it to the NBC site. Check for updates on the weekends.

I’ve updated the live sheet and it is now standalone. It can be found here.