SeeSatVB – Overview

Quick overview of the SeeSatVB software

Screenshot of the parent control


Screenshot of the SatWindow displayed beside it at full zoom out. The visual, geo, and classfd elsets are loaded.


Screenshot of the SatWindow form zoomed in to the NNW quadrant. If you hover the mouse it will seek the closest object within a certain distance and show a tooltip with the name, apparent magnitude, and distance. At the same time it posts a detailed list of RA/Dec, Alt/Azm, distance and time information to the textbox on the control form.


Side by side screenshot of HeavenSat and SeeSatVB showing the full SpaceTrack catalog. The SeeSatVB window gives at a glance visual information about how fast the object is moving, in the earths shadow (red), in sunset (orange), or fully illuminated (yellow)